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Year 2

Autumn 1 - Habitats


Follow the links below to find out all about coastal habitats and then see if you can complete the worksheets.

Learning About The Seaside Ks1 👉 Go Outdoors

Come and join Party Monster Matty where we will be learning about the seaside ks1 level.This video is all about learning all the different things that we cou...

  Autumn 2 : Materials

  This half term, year 2 will be exploring different materials, better understanding their properties and suitability for different purposes. You will find a useful link to BBC Bitesize and some activity worksheets you could complete. 

Spring 1

This half term we will consider the characteristics that all living things have. Recognising things that are living, were once alive and which were never alive. 

 There is a BBCBitesize link below which could be useful to introduce the subject content. We have also included a worksheet which could be used as a guide to talk about objects and discuss whether they have all the characteristics of living things. We have included other links to activities and the Mrs Gren acronym. Take a look and enjoy discussing objects in the world around us. 

Mrs Gren (Year Two Science - Brilliant Habitats)

Learn about the characteristics of living things with Mrs Gren

 Spring 2

 Habitats and Food Chains


We will extend our learning of habitats from Autumn Term - exploring drylands, urban areas and in particular the Savanna linked to our topic of Distant Lands. 

 You will find some links to BBC bitesize videos and interactive games below. 



 Summer 1


 This half term, we will be recapping our knowledge of plants - what do they need to survive? Life cycles and identifying and naming a variety of plants in our local habitat. 

 Can the children recall their understanding of Deciduous and Evergreen Trees from Year 1? 

 Which flowers and trees will we see in different Seasons?

 Summer 2

Healthy Bodies


 This half term, we explore the importance of a healthy diet, exercise and keeping clean. We learn all about Nutrients and how they help our bodies. We explore exercise and the effect it has on our heart and body as well as the importance of drinking water. Finally, we learn all about germs and the need to keep our bodies clean.