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Katie Morag Delivers the Mail


This week we are reading a story about a little girl who lives by the sea. Her name is Katie Morag.


The story is called 'Katie Morag Delivers the Mail'


First of all read the story by following one of the links below.






Now see if you can answer these questions about the story. The first questions are just to get you thinking. See if you can talk to a grown up about your ideas. Then complete the second sheet of questions.






Make an Island Map


Katie Morag lives on the Isle of Struay. The author based this on a real place called Coll. Have a look at the information about Coll and see if you can design a map of your own island.


This is your own imaginary island so you can call it anything you like. What will your island be called?


Draw an outline of the shape of your island.


Now you need to draw and label some important features on your island.


You might want to add;


-A shop

-Some houses

-A school

-A harbour


-A lighthouse


Or anything else you can think of.



Now try some of the activities below




When you have finished all of the activities then watch the video below.