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We hope you enjoyed learning about Grace Darling last week. This week we are going to find out all about modern lifeboats and the amazing job people who work on lifeboats do.


Have a look at the information below to find out all about Lifeboats and their crew


Follow Barnaby Bear on his adventure with the lifeboat crew


Watch the videos below to see some of the amazing things that the RNLI do. (Warning; the videos on these pages show real life rescues by the RNLI)

Dangers Near the Sea


The Lifeguard needs your help. Look at the ‘dangers near the sea’ picture and see if you can spot who is being dangerous and why.


Try one of these activities on the RNLI Website


Become a crew member using this purplemash app (This only works on tablets, phones and laptops with a camera)


How is Grace Darling’s boat different to a modern lifeboat?


Have a look at the video below to see different types of lifeboats in action


Follow the link below to see Grace’s lifeboat


Can you draw a picture of each one and list all the things that are different?


Can you think of anything that is the same?


Coastal Habitats


A Habitat is the place that animals live.


Follow the link below to find out about Coastal Habitats


Can you draw an label your own picture of a coastal habitat? Which animals might you find there?