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British Values




We take turns and share…

During conversations and class discussions

When we are working in a group

During our games with friends

When we are waiting for our lunch

When we want to play on the same equipment



We are part of our local community and we visit…

The Church

The old people’s home

The shops

The Library

Also we have visits from..

The police

The Animal Man

The Church


We enjoy a range of British festivals/celebrations and festivals from other cultures…

Pancake day

Mothers Day


Bonfire Night




Chinese New Year

Ramadan and Eid


Remembrance Day


We are kind to our friends and behave well…

We follow our class rules which we have written together

We share our ideas and listen to the ideas of our friends

We like to work together

We learn about how to keep ourselves and our friends safe


We are polite…

We say please and thank you

We take care of our classroom and our activities

We help our friends to tidy up

We share our resources


We learn about British culture and the monarchy…

We listen to British Music

We explore London including landmarks such as “The London Eye” and “Buckingham Palace”

We find out about the Queen

We eat British food

We find out about British seasons

We have puppet show and make puppets


We learn about the world around us…

We mark special multicultural days from our local community and the wider world

We learn to respect people who are different to ourselves and enjoy looking at our similarities and differences.

We learn to take care of animals and plants in our outdoor area.

We like to investigate and ask questions



We are learning to listen…

We wait for our friends to finish speaking before we speak

We look at whoever is talking

We listen to music and sounds in the environment

We respect what our friends say even if we don’t agree.


We are all part of our school community…

We all wear a uniform.

We have a school council to share our ideas and make decisions.

Our teachers listen to our ideas for activities and role play areas

We have class votes to make decisions.

We have daily assemblies.

We write our class rules together.