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Grace Darling


This week our topic work is all about Grace Darling. She lived in a lighthouse a long time ago and was a very brave person.


Have a look at the videos below to find out all about her and have a read through the information.



Now can you answer the questions about Grace Darling?


Try the questions on page 2. There are harder questions further on if you want them.







Can you complete this factfile for Grace Darling?





Make a boat


Grace and her father only had a small rowing boat to use to save the survivors. Can you design and make a new boat to help Grace and her father?


Can you make a boat that floats? Use materials from around your house to make a boat. Then you can test it out in your sink, bath, paddling pool or just a bucket of water. Does it float? Could you try to add toy figures into your boat to see if it still floats.