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School Council


Our school council is made up of 2 representatives from each class in Year 1 and Year 2. Every class votes for two people that they think would make good school councillors. They are looking for people who can listen, are responsible and are good speakers.

The School Council meets at least once every half term. They start by listening to the opinions of the other children in their class on the items from the School Council agenda. They then go to the full council meetings to discuss the ideas from their class with Mrs Ms Elliott, Mrs Burden and Mrs Guthrie. When they return to their class they then feedback what they have decided and what the new agenda is.

The council discuss various matters, ranging from new playground equipment to friendship issues and new ideas to develop the school.

The school council works hard to solve problems, bring new ideas and to make the school an even better place to be.


How have we been involved with decision making in the past year?


The School Council have contributed in the following ways;


  • Making suggestions for how our Cake Sale money could be spent.
  • How our classes are identified (different ideas for class names).
  • Reviewing the Academy’s current homework provision

  • Wish list ideas to be considered to be purchased in order to improve our academy.

  • Making changes to our after-school enrichment clubs and activities which resulted in us changing our arrangements to run enrichment afternoons (1 per half term) in place of the after-school option.
  • Reviewing the pantomime performance, evaluating whether to rebook or try an alternative.
  • Canvassing pupils’ levels of interest regarding musical instrument lessons, cookery courses and lego club.
  • We have also been encouraged to make suggestions for further agenda items to be discussed over the next few months.


School Council Meeting minutes 2019-20