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 For our final week, we are exploring Comic Strips. We regularly complete these in school, often linking to a History or Religious Topic we are exploring but we thought you might like to create your own on a topic of your choice. Maybe you are going on holiday or staying with a relative; this could be the basis for a comic strip adventure. Read the overview to find out more and explore the links we've provided; we are sure you'll be exploring this style of writing further in Key Stage 2 so have a little go this Summer! 

We have also provided a document below called The Missing Medal Mystery, this is a fun way of re-visiting some of the spelling and grammar points we have explore this year.

We have also uploaded the words you should know how to read and spell by the end of year 2 and if you know them all, take a look at the statutory spelling list for years 3 and 4. 

Please remember to keep reading over the summer too, a letter will come home this week making you aware of the nationwide summer reading challenge. Oxford Owls has a wealth of books too and your purplemash log-in will continue to be active all summer for you to complete a variety of activities.