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Phonics with Geraldine


I'm sure you all know Geraldine the Giraffe. First of all you need to watch her video. She is learning a new sound today using the letters 'ir'


Watch Geraldine's video and see if you can join in by sounding out the words with her (just like we do at school).


Now try an 'ir' hunt around your house (just like Geraldine) 


What did you find? Write a list of all the different things you found.


Remember there are other ways to spell the 'ir’ sound.


For example you could have the ‘ur’ in burger, or the ‘er’ in mixer.


Examples of some words are – bird, curl, burn, stern, perky, skirt.


Can you think of any others?



Writing Ideas


Have you ever been on a special trip?


May be you went to visit a friend or relative, maybe you went on a long walk, maybe you visited somewhere exciting or maybe you just went to the shops.


Think about somewhere you went that you enjoyed and tell a grown up wall about it.


Can you draw 3 pictures of different things that happened on your trip. Then try to write about each one of your pictures. Can you use the words first, next, then and finally.


How many adjectives can you use in your writing.


Can you extend your sentences by using words like 'and, because, but'?


Don't forget your capital letters and full stops. Click on the link below to see Mr Moore's piece of writing about a trip he went on. It might help to give you some ideas for your own writing.









Log on to Oxford Owl (you will need a grown up to help you with this).


There are lots and lots of books there to read. You might even recognise some of them from school.


Read one of the books to a grown up.


How many books can you read this week?