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  Mathematics is all around us, so it can be easy to access lots of maths while you are at home. Here are some ideas...

  •   Finding weights on tins and packets - what is the unit of measurement?
  •   Which has the greatest or least value?
  •   Sorting and counting - use toys/books/food items. Can you count out a given quantity? Total two groups? Sort by colour or size?
  •   Multiples - can you sort and count in groups of 2, 5 or 10? Say these times tables out loud.
  •   Telling the time - how many minutes long is your favourite TV programme? Look for O'clock, half past and quarter to/past times on your clock. have created some activities you could explore with your child at home.

Take a look at this introduction first.  Solving Together - Guidance for Parents 

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You might find it reassuring to know that you don't need to be a maths expert. Follow the links below to explore some activities together.