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At the moment we are looking at Phase 3 phonics. Please see below for some activities that you can carry out to support this at home.


Phonics Play

The Phonics play website has lots of games for your child to practise and revisit their Phase 3 sounds. Please contact school for a login and password. Our favourite games are:

Tricky Word Trucks

Picnic on Planet Pluto

Buried Treasure

Make a Match

Sentence Subtitution

Speed Trial


Say the following sentences to your child. Can they have a go at listening for the phonemes in the words and writing them down. We have attached a Phase 3 sound mat to support them.


The snail will meet the sheep.

My boat will float in the night

He took my book on the roof

This is a short shark.

Her hair was longer.


Mr Thorne's Phonics

We also use Mr Thorne's Phonics in school and these are available to search for on YouTube. The Home learning pack will include which sounds we will be working on during your child's time in isolation.