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This week we have new activities about our story 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch by Ronda and David Armitage.'


If you need to remind yourself of the story you can use the link below or you can buy the book from Amazon by following the link below



A description of the lighthouse


Have a look at the information below. Then have a look at the picture of Mr Grinling's lighthouse. Can you use the keywords on the picture to write your own description of the lighthouse. 





A yummy sandwich


Last week we thought of a disgusting sandwich to make for the seagulls. This time, I wonder if you can think of what your favourite sandwich would be. Look at the worksheet below to help or draw your own on a piece of paper.




Design a new outfit for Mr Grinling



In the story it says that Mr Grinling works at the lighthouse 'come rain or shine'. Can you deign 2 new outfits for Mr Grinling to wear on a cold day in the winter and on a warm day in the summer.


Make sure you label the pictures carefully.





Remember to keep looking at your phonics videos.


Please follow the link below to check out this weeks phonics (Find the Year 1 section) and remember to keep looking at Mr Thornes videos too.


Folllow the link below to find out what Mr Thorne and Geraldine are up to.


If you want to try some difeerent phonics activities then follow the links below for some phonics games


Phonics Play


Phonics play has lots of different games for you to try. You might recognise these from playing them at school. Some of the games do need you to log in too (You might need a grown up to help you with this)


Username: march20
Password: home


ICT Games


ICT games has lots of phonics activities to try. Our favourites are the 'Dinosaur's Eggs' and 'Forest Phonics'. Which ones do you like best?


Teach your monster to read is a website where you can help your own monster to start reading.