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Parents, Staff & Friends Association


Welcome to the Parent, Staff and Friends Association section! (PSFA)


The Parent, Staff, Friends Association at Marston Green Infant Academy work tremendously hard trying to raise funds to supplement some of the activities and resources for our children.  Last year (2018-2019) they once again raised a staggering £9,000 which was used to purchase ICT equipment across the Academy - Headphone sets so that the children can listen to audio books and songs to supplement their reading and develop listening skills.  They also purchased equipment for the allotment so that the children can grow their own produce and learn about the outdoor environment to support Science and Geography.


This year (2019-2020) their aim is to raise £9,000 again in order to purchase books across the school and to develop the reading areas in every class within the Academy.   


If you are creative, like to work as a team, enjoy the excitement of working in a vibrant environment with wonderful children and staff then please come and join us at our next meeting.  These meetings are very informal and provide an opportunity to share ideas and make new friends.


The meetings are advertised on the monthly Newsletter.

My kind thanks goes to everyone who is involved.  Well done and keep up the fantastic work!

Beverley Elliott