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Week Beginning 22.06.2020

 Hello everyone, 

 We can't believe another week has gone by so quickly. We hope you are all still keeping safe and well at home. Some of you might have been excited to see the football back on the television or maybe you've been to visit family and friends that you haven't seen for a long time. We know it's all very strange and we are sorry that you can't all come back to school; we have really missed seeing you all. 


This week our home learning is all about keeping a healthy mind; recognising that everyone worries about things but that it is important to talk about our worries with someone we trust. The English and PSD home learning activities are all connected this week so take a look. 


Also, if you haven't yet looked at the Now Press Play section on the home learning page, you might like to try as there is an adventure on a submarine inside someones body!!! Very unusual but exciting and you will have all the answers we're sure after the last few weeks exploring healthy food and the importance of exercise. Follow this link Now Press Play, the password is 'nowpressplay' and then select Years1-2 ,  PSHE and choose the healthy living activity. The children always enjoy these activities at school, with their headphones on so might really enjoy to complete this at home too (no need for headphones at home). There is also an adventure based on the great Fire of London that the children might enjoy and one on Florence Nightingale, that they might remember completing in school! 


Next week, some of the home learning will be from Marston Green Junior School. Mrs Lloyd has sent Mrs Griffiths some activities for you to complete so be sure to check it out! 


Stay safe, work hard and be really good for everyone at home,

Miss Taylor, Mrs Guthrie, Mrs Burden, Mrs Allen, Miss Taylor, Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Pinches and Mrs Hart