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Week Beginning 13.07.2020

 Hello everyone, 

 This is our final set of home learning and that means we have come to the end of the year and, for you, the end of your time at Marston Green Infant Academy. It is always an emotional time for children, parents and teaching staff when we say goodbye to you in the last week but this year seems even harder as we can't say goodbye in person. The teachers were lucky enough to see some of you recently when you came with your parents to collect your school report and that was really lovely and of course, we have seen some of you in the Keyworker Groups in school but if we haven't seen you, please know that we are sorry about how Year 2 ended and wish you lots of success and happiness in the next stage of your educational journey. Can we also say a huge thank you to parents who generously sent a gift to the teaching staff; we are paid to do the job we do and never expect a gift, especially this year of all years, but a heartfelt thank you from us all for those who did send a gift. It was truly appreciated.

Although we didn't get to finish the year as we had hoped, we all have lots of happy memories of the time we had together so we thought we would tell you our favourite...

Miss Taylor (Lily Class) : My favourite memory is visiting the Art Gallery. All the children loved the train ride into Birmingham to see The Last of England painting. It was lovely to see how interested they were in the painting and all the other art in the museum too.

Mrs Guthrie:  I really enjoyed the Enrichment Days because the children liked being able to choose an activity to do for a whole morning or afternoon. It was lovely when we planted daffodil bulbs in the Autumn Term and at playtimes the children kept checking to see if they were growing. They were so excited when they did spot them ‘shooting’ through the soil in the Spring Term.

Mrs Griffiths: The highlight of the year for me was visiting St John’s Museum in Warwick. It’s always exciting to go on a trip and we all had such a lovely time. The schoolroom wasn’t as scary as we thought and your teachers looked really different dressed up. I was impressed with your skills in the laundry and it was really cool to explore the Victorian houses with the torches. Most of all though, I was so very proud of you all; despite the excitement, you were well-behaved, polite and a credit to yourselves and the Academy. 

Mrs Hart: I really enjoyed the Pirate Party. It was brilliant to see all the children dressed up, dancing and having lots of fun.

Miss Taylor (Primrose Class): Our Science Day was one of my favourite days this year. I loved trying to find out how far a CurlyWurly would stretch. Some of you managed to stretch them so far that they broke, the tables were very chocolatly and sticky by the time we had finished and then we sat down to enjoy eating them! Yummy!

Mrs Burden: I remember the Super Hero Kindness Powers visiting workshop. This was linked to Anti-Bullying week and we all had a great time together in the school hall. I liked how the children sprinkled kindness over each other to alter their freeze frames from unkind to kind. They were brilliant. We were all fab at practicing our ‘I am strong, I am kind, I am brave’ stances together too.

Mrs Pinches: World Book Day was one of my favourite days. All the children came dressed as their favourite book character, they all looked amazing and it was a really enjoyable day.

Mrs Allen: Learning how to do country dancing on the playground was one of my favourite, fun moments. When we started we didn’t know our left from our right or who our partner was at times! We had such a giggle but eventually we got it and we were amazing. It was such a shame we didn’t get to show our parents how good we were at the end of the year.


What is your favourite memory? Could it be the African Drumming Workshop or when your parents came to the Craft Fayre?  Perhaps it was the same as one of ours. Below, you will find a favourite memories sheet that you might like to complete and keep it with your report at home. 


We have really enjoyed our time with you, stay safe, enjoy the Summer and all our very best wishes for September 2020!


Year 2 Team