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Week Beginning 11.05.2020

 Hello everyone,

 We all hope you have had a good week. The weather has been sunny again which was really nice; we hope you've been playing in the garden or been out and about for walks or riding your bikes and scooters for your daily exercise. Did you celebrate VE Day? If you did, don't forget to send a photograph to our Facebook page!

 How are you getting on with The Great Fire of London topic? The teachers have been wondering what your favourite part of the topic has been. Miss Taylor enjoys learning all about Samuel Pepys and thinks its really strange that he buried some cheese! Mrs Allen enjoys learning all about the history of the fire service, isn't it amazing how it's changed? She was really looking forward to making models of fire engines with you all and the visit from the fire brigade!!! Mrs Griffiths always enjoys the Art we complete in this topic - some of you will know, she's not very good at art but she always tries her best and enjoys making pictures of flames using 'hot' colours. Please let us know what your favourite part has been. 


Here is this weeks home learning...