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V.E. Day Celebrations


Friday 8th May is V.E. Day.


You can find out more about V.E. day by clicking on the 'V.E. Day Information' link below or maybe you could ask an adult to help you do your own research about V.E. day.


Have a look at the 'Fact Sheet and Questions'. There is some information to read about V.E. day and some questions to answer to. Don't look at the answers until you have finished!


Perhaps you could write your own V.E. day fact sheet


Maybe you could have your own V.E. day party on Friday?


Follow the link below to find lots of extra activities below to help you


V.E. Day Celebrations



Science - Healthy Eating



Your Perfect Meal


First of all you need to design and plan your perfect meal. You can have anything you would like at all (it doesn't need to be healthy to begin with).


Mr Moore would have


Steak and Chips

Chocolate Brownies and Ice Cream

A Cup of Tea


Maybe you could draw a picture of your perfect meal. Make sure you label your picture.



Food Sorting


Now have a look at the food sorting pictures below. Which items are healthy and which are unhealthy. Can you sort them into two groups? You might want to put them into a table like this;


Healthy Food Unhealthy Food















A Healthy Meal


Now you are going to design a 'healthy meal'. You could use the ideas from the worksheet below. Draw a plate and a knofe and fork and then draw a healthy meal that you would like to eat on the plate.


Remember to label your pictures.


Have fun and make it yummy.



Computing - Make a Healthy meal


Follow the link to purplemash and login.


You can use your own logon if you have it or use;


Username: Guest

Password: 1234


If you haven't got a logon.


Use the 'plan a meal' activity or the 'plate' activity to plan your own 'Healthy Meal' and 'Perfect Meal'