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Follow the link below to go to the 'now press play' website. The password is 'nowpressplay'. You might remember doing this activity at school with the headphones. Well now you can try it at home too.


Settle down and listen to the 'Seasons' story. Make sure you listen carefully because there is a quiz afterwards.


When you've finished listening, try the activities. Do the quiz first and then try one of the four other activities





Have a look at the book ‘At The Seaside’ and watch the videos below to find out about the type of things you can see and do at the seaside.


Can you answer the questions at the end of the book


Then have a go at the activities below.


Some of the activities below have different difficulty levels. Look for the stars in the corner of the page to find out the difficulty. Choose your difficulty level and see if you can answer the questions.


* =Super easy

** = Getting harder

*** = A tricky challenge



Rock Pool


Can you design your own rock pool?


Follow the link below to purple mash and you can make your own rockpool. Choose which animals you think would live there.