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Packed Lunch from Home

Packed Lunch from Home


Here are some helpful tips if your child would rather bring a packed lunch from home...


1. Include a savoury main (with some salad)

Cheese and tomato sandwich, tuna and salad wrap, cream cheese and lettuce bagel, chicken salad pitta bread, tuna and sweetcorn pasta etc.


2. Include some dairy

Fruit yogurt, rice pudding, custard, cheese portion, yoghurt tube


3. Include some fruit or vegetables

Satsuma, grapes (cut in half), banana, cucumber, carrot sticks, raisins, tinned fruit salad, cherry tomatoes (cut in half)


4. Include an extra low fat/low sugar snack, if needed

Breadsticks, rice cakes, fruit scone, crackers, plain biscuit


Please ensure packed lunches do not include:
• Fizzy drinks
• Sweets and chocolate bars
• Crisps (except low fat or baked types)


We do have children in school with severe allergies, for this reason the following items are prohibited:
• Nuts of any kind
• Shellfish
• Raw fish (such as sushi)