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Week beginning 18.5.2020

Hi Everyone,


We do hope you have been keeping yourself busy with all of the activities this week. The teachers have been doing their home learning too. Mr Moore kept a healthy eating diary this week. He ate very healthily except when he had a big bowl of ice cream (but he had done a long walk on that day). Miss Carter made her own fuit salad. She used bananas, kiwis and strawberries and it was delicious. Miss Checkett decided to make a fruit smoothie. It turned out bright pink and she said it was very yummy.


We have lots of new activities for you this week and a new story called the Carrot club.


Remember if you want some new or different activities then you can also check out the BBC website and the twinkl home learning by clicking on the links below. These websites are updated with something new every day so you will never get back.


Have fun


Stay Safe


See you Soon


They Year 1 Team