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D&T Fruit Salad


Your task is to make your own fruit salad.


First of all you need to decide what your favourite fruit are. Complete the sheet below to help you.




Next you need to make your Fruit Salad. You can follow the recipe below if you need some help. Make sure you have an adult to help you if you are using a knife.



Now is the best part you get to eat your delicious fruit salad.



Finally it's time to evaluate your Fruit Salad. Use the evaluation sheet below to think about what you did.





Fruit Smoothie


If you want a different activity, something else to make or you didn't lie the fruit salad, then maybe you could try a fruit smoothie.


Have a look at the recipe's below.







Follow the link to purplemash and login.


You can use your own logon if you have it or use;


Username: Guest

Password: 1234


If you haven't got a logon.


Fun Activities


Have a look at these extra activities that you might find interesting.