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This week we will continue to look at Oliver's Vegetables.


If you need a reminder of the story remember to look back at the read along videos.  


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Write a letter to Oliver


Oliver has sent you a letter. Read the letter below. Can you write a reply to him?








Design your own vegetable garden


Imagine you had your own vegetable garden just like Oliver's Grandad. Which vegetables would you plant in your garden and why. What would it look like. Maybe you could draw a plan of your own vegetable garden. You could even add labels or write some sentences to explain why you chose the vegetables that you did.





Write a vegetable fact file


Pick your favourite fruit or vegetable and find out about it!


Where does it grow? How does it grow? Does it grow above the ground or below the ground? What does it taste like? What does it look like?


Make sure you draw a bright and beautiful picture of your fruit or vegetable and write as many facts as you can about it.



Fruit and Vegetable taste testing


This week the teachers have been tasting different fruit and vegetables. They gave each one a score out of ten and described what it tasted like.


Have a look at the table below to see what the teachers thought. Maybe you could try doing a fruit and vegetable taste testing with your family. You don't even have to choose the same fruits and vegetables as the teachers did. You can make your own choices.


At the end see if you can add up the scores and see which one is the most popular.





Teacher/Fruit and Veg




Mr Moore


Juicy and sweet


Sweet and sour



Miss Checkett


Shiny red and tasty


Bitter and tart


Sweet but not too tasty

Miss Carter


Watery and sugary


Very sour


Crunchy and delicious





New phonics videos will start from Monday on the DfE youtube page. Just follow the link below to check them out.


Remember you can always try any of the Mr Thorne videos that we try at school to 'recap' on your phonics. You might even find some videos you recognise. Folllow the link below to find out what Mr Thorne and Geraldine are up to.


You might even like to go on a phonics hunt around your house. Just like Geraldine does in her videos.