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All of the usual P.E. links can be found on the useful websites page. However we thought you might like a change, so we have a few new ideas for you this week too.



NEW - Home Olympics 2020


Can you complete these Home Olympics challenges?


Mr Ford is a teacher at St Josephs Catholic Primary and Nursery School in Surrey who has designed a set of Home Olympics Challenges.  Each of the links below shows a video explaining the challenge and there is a guide below too. Maybe you could have your own Family Home Learning Olympics.






NEW - Obstacle Course


Create your own obstacle course in your garden. if you don't have a garden you could try this indoors but make sure you ask an adults permission!


Maybe you could time people to complete the course and see who can complete it in the quickest time.


Follow the link below for some great ideas of things you could add to your obstacle course.


NEW - Go Noodle


Try Go Noodle. There are lots of active type videos for you to try out. Some are very active and others are relaxation videos.



NEW - Just Dance


Follow the link below which will take you to youtube for lots of Dance videos that you can follow along with. Make sure you get an adult to do this first as sometimes Youtube has suggestions that aren't for kids!