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Take a look at the 'Everyday Materials' challenges below.


These have lots of different ideas to really challenge if you can think loke a real scientist.


Can you answer them all? You could discuss your ideas with an adult or you could even write your ideas down.





Science - Silly Materials


Some materials are not suitable for certain items.


For example, why can't wellies and a hammer be made from glass, can a teapot be made from paper?  Can an umbrella be made from wood? Can a window be made from paper? Can clothes be made from metal? 


Can you think of any other silly items that would be made from the wrong material?


How many can you think of?


When you've finished have a look at the Alien description sheet to see if you can descrive some different materials.





Did you know you can make patterns using fruit and vegetables.


Have a look at the picture and the link below. Can you make your own 'fruity' pattern.


If you don't have any paints at home you could use food colouring.




Alphabet game


Write out all of the letters of the alphabet.


How many fruits/vegetables can you think of starting with the different letters of the alphabet?


Can you think of 1 for every single letter. Set yourself a time limit and see who can find the most answers.

For the answers look here


You can try it with different categories too like animals, people’s names, things you find in a house.





Serial mash - follow the link below to find a new story to read. There is a chapter of a story and activities for each day