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We hope you are enjoying the activities we have been putting on the website about Oliver's Vegetables. This week we are going to ask you to get super creative by writing your own story about vegetables. Have a look at the activities below but first you'll want to take one last look at the story. 


We know you already know it so maybe you could try and tell the story to someone who hasn't heard it before. Maybe you could give  a relative a phone call and tell them the Oliver's Vegetable's story as a bedtime story. You could even record your own video or audiobook of you retelling the story and then share this with someone else.


First take a look back at the read along videos one more time.  


Or if you have the kindle version have a look here


Or read this version of the story




Box Up The Story


Now you need to see if you can 'Box Up' the Oliver's Vegetables story. Have a look at the sheet below. There are 5 pictures from the story in order. Can you use the space next to the pictures to write what is happening. Try to write 2 sentences for each picture. If you are really clever you might be able to use some adjectivers to add description.


If you can't print out the sheet maybe you could draw your own pictures to describe.






Oliver's Vegetables Story


Your task is to write your own version of Oliver's Vegetables.


Try to change one thing in the story.


Maybe Oliver finds some different types of vegetables?


Maybe he finds something completely different it Grandpa's garden?


Maybe he goes to visit a different relative?


Maybe it's not Oliver in the story at all but a different character?




  • Anything can happen in your story. 
  • Remember to use capital letters and full stops.
  • Keep your handwriting neat.
  • Change one thing in the story.
  • Use adjectives (describing words)
  • You don't have to write your whole story in one go. If you need to stop halfway and finihs it later then that is fine.


When you have finished maybe you could read your story to someone.






We hope you have been enjoying your Phonics videos. Please follow the link below to check out this weeks phonics and remeber to keep looking at Mr Thornes videos too.


Folllow the link below to find out what Mr Thorne and Geraldine are up to.


If you want to try some difeerent phonics activities then follow the links below for some phonics games


Phonics Play


Phonics play has lots of different games for you to try. You might recognise these from playing them at school. Some of the games do need you to log in too (You might need a grown up to help you with this)


Username: march20
Password: home


ICT Games


ICT games has lots of phonics activities to try. Our favourites are the 'Dinosaur's Eggs' and 'Forest Phonics'. Which ones do you like best?


Teach your monster to read is a website where you can help your own monster to start reading.