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Letter from the seagulls


Those pesky seagulls have written you a letter.


Read the letter that they have sent and then see if you can write a reply to them.



There are lots of different stories out Mr and Mrs Grinling. Have a look at the links below to read a different story about them.


The Lighthouse Keepers Tea


The Lighthouse Keeper’s Cat


The Lighthouse Keeper’s Catastrophe


Act out a story


These children have used lego to act out the lighthouse keeper’s lunch story. Could you use your toys to retell one of the stories you have read about Mr Grinling?


Making a change to the story


Now your task is to write your own story about Mr Grinling.


Try to change one thing in the story.


 Maybe some different animals try to steal his lunch?


 Maybe he gets a new job instead of being a lighthouse keeper?


 Maybe he goes to visit a friend or a fun place?


 Maybe Mr Grinling gets a new pet to be friends with Hamish the cat?




  • Anything can happen in your story. 
  • Remember to use capital letters and full stops.
  • Keep your handwriting neat.
  • Change one thing in the story.
  • Use adjectives (describing words)
  • You don't have to write your whole story in one go. If you need to stop halfway and finish it later then that is fine.

 When you have finished maybe you could read your story to someone.


Missing: Mr Grinling!


Mrs Grinling needs some help. Mr Grinling has gone missing (he’s probably gone off to do one of his hobbies).


Can you help her out by making a missing poster for Mr Grinling.


First you will need to draw a big picture of Mr Grinling so that people know what he looks like.


Then write a description of him underneath.


Make sure you include his:

  • Appearance (What he looks like)
  • Personality (What type of person is he)
  • Behaviour (The things that he does)


You can use the template below or make your own