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Ask a grown up to print out the above template. Can you cut out the knight carefully? Remember to hold your scissors correctly! Now put the knight together using split pins, glue or Sellotape. Have a look at the attached powerpoint to find out more about knights!
Have a look at the above worksheet with your child. Can they sort the foods into the correct category? Look in your cupboards at home- can your child sort the foods into Healthy, Unhealthy and a Mixture. Encourage your child to think about alternatives to foods that have been labelled unhealthy.
Watch the video below with your child and look through the powerpoint above. Discuss the different stages of the lifecycle of a butterfly. Can your child complete the cut and stick activity and get the lifecycle of the butterfly in the right order?

Metamorphosis: Caterpillar to Butterfly for Children - FreeSchool - Help support more content like this! One of the most famous examples of metamorphosis in the world, the transformation from ...



Link to Maths work on pattern: Look closely at some pictures of butterflies on Google (talk to your child about search engines and what we use them for). What does your child notice about the wings of the butterfly? Explain that the wings are symmetrical- this means that the pattern is the same but reflected, like when we look in a mirror. Fold a piece of paper in half and draw the outline of half a butterfly (Ensure that the middle of the butterfly is along the crease of the paper. Can you child paint their own pattern on the half butterfly? Whilst the paint is still wet fold the paper along the crease so that the picture prints to make the other half of the butterfly. Look at the pattern with your child. Maybe you could use a mirror and see if you can find anything else that is symmetrical in your house.


Purple Mash also have a paint project where you can create your own symmetrical butterfly.

We have attached a recipe for a fruit smoothie. See if you can read the instructions together to make your own smoothie. Discuss how the different fruits taste, feel, smell. Look carefully at the inside of the fruits as you cut them open- what do you notice?

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Recap on the story of Noah’s ark. Look at the different colours in the rainbow. If you have paints at home explore mixing the primary colours (Red, Yellow and Blue) to see what other colours you can make. What happens if we add white or black to a colour?

If you don't have paint maybe you could research what happens when we mix different colours and create your own rainbow using pencil crayons and felt tips.