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Parental Contact


Parents need to make sure that we hold the correct and current contact details, including work, home and mobile numbers.


We advise parents to have at least two emergency contacts for their child.

 Should you need to update your contact details, please inform the school office as soon as possible.


¤ Email Correspondence ¤


In January 2019, our Academy went 'paper-free'.  This means that all general letters are sent to parents by email via our website provider, PrimarySite.   Emails can be sent to more than one contact per child.  If you are not yet receiving our email correspondence, but would like to do so, please contact the school office team who will be happy to assist.


Alternatively, all letters are uploaded to our website under the 'Parents' section, which can be found here.  You may also request a paper copy of any letters home by speaking to the school office team. 


¤ Inclement Weather ¤


During the winter, when ice and snow are excessive and road conditions make travelling dangerous, the Academy may take the decision to close the school premises.  This decision will be made before 6:30am. 


Parents will be informed by text from our ParentPay text messaging service.  It is vital that mobile phone numbers are always kept up to date in order for you to receive important messages. 


Also, the local ration stations regularly broadcast the names of schools affected by bad weather closures. 


The Site Manager will put a ‘closed’ notice outside school (when possible) and the gates will remain locked. 


A notice will also be posted on our website and on our Academy Facebook page.


Please do not telephone school for advice because staff will be expected to work from home.



¤ Communication with Parents ¤


We are currently operating a texting message service through the ParentPay cashless online payment system.  This service enables to school to contact parents in exceptional circumstances such as a school closure due to inclement weather.  The message you receive will show as a message from ParentPay.  Only one mobile number is contacted and that is the one given as priority one on your Pupil Information form.  In order to operate this system, your mobile phone number is passed onto ParentPay.  You will be asked to give permission for us to add your details to our ParentPay texting system.


We also communicate with parent via our Academy Facebook page, where we post regular updates and reminders, as well as any school closure notices.  Parents must always contact us via the School Office for any direct queries, as the page is designed for information only.  You can find us on Facebook by searching for @Marstongreeninfacademy or by clicking the logo below.