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As we approach the last week of this very different academic year we would like to thank you all for your continued support throughout.  We wish you all a happy and safe Summer and look forward to seeing you around school in September.

To help prepare your child for their transition to Reception you could talk about moving to Reception during the summer break in a positive way, addressing any anxieties they may have.  Try on uniform, look at the book bag, countdown the days until school starts.

From the Reception staff...

We would like the children to be able to…

Recognise their name (peg, snack-time)
Write their name
Undress and dress for PE (velcro shoes will help!)
Able to do their zip up independently; coat & trousers
Eat using a knife, fork and spoon
Peel an orange/banana
Use the toilet independently (including wiping and hand washing)
Hold their pencil correctly   
Recognise numbers 0-5




Nursery Home Learning

Please find enclosed a range of different activities that you can carry out with your child/ren at home.

It is essential that you do the following activities daily:

  • Read at least 1 story to your child including the previous Talk for Writing stories that have been sent home.  Talk about why things are happening, who the main characters are, where the story is set and their own likes and dislikes about the story.  Ask them to predict what they think may happen throughout.  Have a go at changing the ending of the story.
  • Sing lots of nursery rhymes together and discuss the rhyming words, make up new rhyming verses.
  • Practise name writing and concentrating on the correct letter formation (lowercase).
  • Play some of the Phase One phonic games on Phonics Play.
  • Carry out a Maths activity every day- this may be an episode of Numberblocks (please talk to your child about what is happening), playing a board game or one of the many online games. Please focus on numbers up to and including 5. 

It is also important in Early Years that learning is made practical and fun. We have attached a leaflet with lots of ideas for activities that can easily be carried out at home. Please try to do at least one of these activities every day.

We appreciate your support during this difficult time.

Home Learning Leaflet