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Watch the video by clicking on the link. It's all about herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. We've been learning about these different types of animals at school.


Remember, a herbivore only eats plants, a carnivore eats meat and a omnivore eats both!


What are you? Are you a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore?


In your book draw a picture of a herbivore, carnivore and omnivore. Label your pictures and write what they eat.


Can you think of any others for each heading. How many can you list?





What is your favourite wild animal?


Can you research the place and the habitat that your animal might live? Can you find the place on a map?


You could use google earth to help you.


Write down the information that you find out.


Mr Moore chose a Rhinoceros




Their habitat is grass land in countries like South Africa. They need to live near water and somewwhere that is sunny because they like rolling in mud and sunbathing.






In Art, this term we have been learning about the artist Henri Rousseau. He liked to paint jungle scenes.


Have a look at the picture 'Surprised!' by Henri Rousseau (you can zoom in to have a really good look).


Can you draw your own Jungle scene like Henri did?


Which animals will you add to your jungle scene?


What animals would you find in a jungle habitat?


Maybe you will add a tiger just like the picture or maybe you want to add a completely different animal?


Try to draw your animals hiding in amongst the leaves so they will be difficult to spot.


Happy drawing.





Log in to Now Press Play. You'll need to use the password




Find the Habitats episode. It's under the Years 1-2 tab and then Science.


Turn the sound on and listen to the whole episode. Make sure you listen carefully.


Afterwards try the quiz (you'll need help from a grown up) or any of the other activities underneath.