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This week we will be looking at the book 'Carrot Club but remember if you want some extra activities to do you can look on the 'Talk for Writing' page too.



First of all have a look at one of the links below to read the story. You might need an adult to help because some of the words can be quite tricky.





Retell the story


Once you have read the story see if you can retell the story to an adult. Can you remeber the important parts of the story. Can you remember it all in the right order.


Then have a look at the story sequencing pictures below. Can you put them in the right order and then write a sentence for each of pictures.





Question Time


Have a look at the talk cards below. Can you get someone to ask you the quiz questions and see if you can tell them the answers?


How many can you get right?


Then have a go at the 'Carrot Questions' sheet. Don't look at the answers until you have finished answering all of the questions!





Write about a Character


What was Clive like at the beginning of the story and what was he like at the end? How did he change? Use the caharcter sheet below to write a description of Clive and how he changed through the story.





Carrot Cartoons


Have a look at the Carrot Cartoons by following the link below. What do you think the Characters from the story would be saying to each other? Can you write what they would say in their speech bubble?


Maybe you could even write your own cartoon with speech bubbles.