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Initial Sounds

As part of our early years curriculum we encourage children to begin to hear and identify initial sounds in words. 

Please click on the link below to hear the correct pronunciation of sounds. 

Using real objects, a bowl and spoon (or the pdf pictures below) you can play 'Silly Soup'. Use objects that begin with the same sound. Show them how you can make some 'silly soup' by putting 'ingredients' (e.g. banana, ball, bug) into a pan. Sing to the tune of 'pop goes the weasel'..."we're making lots of silly soup, we're making soup that's silly, we're going to put it in the fridge to make it nice and chily".

Sound Box/Bag

Using real objects, put a collection together into a bag or box.  This could be your sound box/bag.  Create a song to accompany e.g. 'what is in the bag that you've found, can you tell me the initial sound?'  Ask your child to pull out the objects and tell you the initial sound of each.