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In Reception we will be focusing on developing our number sense. We will be looking in depth at each number, particularly what they look like and how they can be made. How many different ways can we make the numbers 0-10? How can we represent and show each number? 

Also we will be exploring 2D and 3D shapes and their properties e.g. sides, corners, straight, flat, curved.


Autumn Term

So far we have looked at a square, oblong, circle and triangle. We have discussed their properties and their similarities to objects in the environment. Ask me the difference between a square and an oblong!


We have also looked at numbers 0-5. We have loved meeting the Numberblocks and are becoming superstars at representing a number in different ways:

  • Using our fingers
  • A tally
  • Objects
  • Part-Part Wholes
  • And more!


We are also exploring how these numbers can be made using other numbers, such as 4 being made up of 2 and 2! Numicon has helped us to find the different ways before we've had a go at turning these into number sentences.



Useful websites - - search number jacks. - search number blocks.