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Get Active

Remember you can still pick a workout to do each day from the ones we have below. If you're looking for something new to do, scroll further down the page for more fun ideas.


Pick a workout from one of the links below.


Try to do at least one everyday.


Workout with Joe Wickes


Everyday Joe will be doing a live workout that you can follow along with at home.


Just follow the link to Joe's youtube channel at 9:00 every weekday and you can join in too.


Don't worry if you missed them you can find all the old videos there too or have a look in the 'kids' workouts to do at home' section for lots of other videos.


Have fun!




Dance Class with Oti


Every morning at 11:30 Oti Mabuse, from Strictly Come Dancing, will be running dance class classes for you to join in with.


Follow the link below to take you to the live streams. Just a warning, you will need an adult to do this for you as this link takes you to Oti's facebook page.


Dance Class with Oti


Happy Dancing



5 A Day


5 minute work out videos for children. Use the login details below to access


Username: marstonHA

Password: marstonHAB377AA


The Bugs Group


Have a look at the activities on their website.


There are dance yoga and football videos to follow along with and test your skills.




Signs of Spring Hunt


On your daily exercise get outside and see if you can find all of the signs of spring from the sheet.


When you get back home maybe you could draw a beautiful spring picture of the things that you found.





Create a Laser Grid


All you need for this activity is some string or wool (preferably red), sticky tape, and a hallway.


You need to create a grid using the string and then attempt to pass through without touching the “laser beams”.


Anyone who does touch the laser has to return to the start line again. You can begin with an easy grid and increase the level of difficulty.


Make sure you have a grown up with at all times during this activity just in case you get stuck.





Have a teddy bears picnic


Hopefully you can do this activity outside but if the weather is not good enough then you could always have an indoors picnic.


All You need is some fun food, simple activities, books, stuffed animals, and a big blanket.


Most importantly, you have to gather all of your guests.

Set out a huge blanket  Then get teddy bears or other toys to join in.


If you want to make it really official you could make your own invitations beforehand.







Outdoor Water Painting


This activity does need to be done outside. Grab a paintbrush and some water. Any brush will do or if you can't find a brush you could use a sponge.


You can now use the water to 'paint' the floor.


Set yourself a challenge like


Can you write all of the letters in the alphabet?

Can you write your numbers? How high can you go?

Can you write your own name?

Can you draw a picture and get someone else to guess what it is?





Plant a seed


Do you have any seeds at home you could plant? All you need is a seed and a little bit of soil. You could use a yogurt pot or any other small container to plant your seed in. Water it and wait for it to grow. May be you could keep a seed diary.


There are lots of places online that you can get seeds from. Look for sunflower seeds (you can buy them from pet shops), beans or cress for the easiest plants to start off with.


If you can't get any seeds you could try to grow a carrot top. Check out the link below for a guide.





Treasure Hunt


Create a map of your home and hide some items around it for someone else to find.


Mark each piece of hidden treasure on the map. 


Can they find all of the hidden treasure?


If they get really stuck you might have to give them some clues.







Aeroplane Competition


Have a paper aaeroplane competition. Make your own paper aeroplane (follow the instructions below). Don't forget to decorate your aeroplane with a cool design.


Then you can have a competition to see who can throw their plane the furthest.