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Please find below some general Maths activities for you to look at with your child. During the Summer Term we will be focusing on Numbers up to 20 and continuing to look at simple addition and subtraction (including counting on and counting back). Also we will begin to look at simple activities involving doubling, halving and sharing Other ways to support Maths is to play simple board games or counting when carrying out everyday activities eg laying the table.


Number Blocks


We also use the Number blocks episodes in school and all of these can been found on BBC iplayer. Below we have suggested possible episodes, enough for one per day:


18 (The number 18)

19 (The number 19)

20 (The number 20)

I can Count to 20 (counting to 20)

Fifteen minutes of fame (numbers 1-15)

Blockstar (Splitting numbers into equal groups)

Odds and Evens (looking at odd and even numbers)

Ten Again (ways to add to 10)

Pattern Palace (Patterns)

Flights of fancy (numbers 11-20)



Online Games


Some online games that we like to use in school include:


Saucer Sorter (

Counting Caterpillar to 20 (

Funky Mummy + to 10 and bonds to 10 (

Archery Doubles- Level 0 (

Teddy Numbers (