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Easter Activities

Easter Activities


Have a look at all of the activities on the 'Activitiy Village' website.


There are lots of different things to choose from including Easter colouring, crafts, wordsearches and crosswords.



Easter Colouring


Why not try some Easter Colouring at home. Get out your colours and have a go at these Easter pictures.


If you can't print out or dont have colours to use at home then you could try these online colouring pictures.



Design Your Own Easter Egg


All you need to do is draw an Easter Egg shape on a piece of paper and then colour and ecorate it however you want to.


You could use anything colourful from around your house to really make your Easter Egg stand out and be colourful.


You could even send your pictures to our facebook page when you've completed them.






The Easter Story


Read one of the Easter stories below. You could then write your own version of the story or draw a picture of one of the things that happened in the story.





Easter Fun Pack


Lots of fun things to do and ideas in this Easter Fun Pack






Egg and Spoon Race


All you need is an egg and a spoon.


Plan a course, you could make it straight or really make a difficult windy course. You could even add some obstacles to go over or under. Time each other to see who can go the fastest or got head to head in a race.


Balance your egg on the spoon and complete the course without dropping it.


If you're doing this indoors then you will definitley want to hard boil the eggs or you will end up with a lot of mess (get an adult to help you with this)




Make an Easter Card



Some colouring pencils or crayons and paper just about all you need to make an Easter Card.


Maybe when you are done you could send it to to grandparents or loved ones.


Keep it simple or have a look at the link below for some inspiration.