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Katie Morag


This week we will be looking at two different Katie Morag stories.


Follow the links below two read the stories 'Katie Morag and the Tiresome Ted' and 'Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers'


Then try out these activities.



Write a description of Katie Morag


First of all read the information about Katie Morag. Then you need to write your own character description using the template below. Think carefully about all of the information that you have learnt about her.







Grannie Island


Next you need to read the information about Grannie Island and then see if you can anser the questions about her.





The Isle of Struay


How is life on an island different to life in Marston Green?


Look at the labels and sort them into the correct column on the outline.



What is Struay Like?


Now see if you can answer these questions about Island life on Struay. Try to include as much detail as you can.