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¤ Pupil Progress ¤


When parents take an active interest in school life, children’s development is enhanced.  Parents are encouraged to make an appointment to see their child’s class teacher should they wish to discuss any aspects of progress.  It is important that any problems or worries concerning you child are discussed with the class teacher as soon as possible.  The Headteacher is also available to see parents.  Appointments can be made by contacting the school office.


¤ Parents’ Evenings ¤


Parents’ Evenings are held each term, enabling parents to have regular contact with the teachers to discuss their child’s progress.   We are currently using a booking system via our website provider, PrimarySite.  Invitations are sent out to parents via email, and are then given an option to select a convenient appointment slot, and make amendments where necessary. 

 If parents do not have access to the internet, or have not yet provided us with their email address, they can contact the school office team who will be able to assist you in booking an appointment.


Other workshops and curriculum evenings are held throughout the year.  The aim of these meetings is to inform parents of educational methods used throughout the school.  Materials, books and equipment are also displayed for parents’ interest.  To keep up to date with our upcoming dates and events, please see or Calendar.


You can also subscribe to our Academy calendar, which enables our events to be synced with your personal devices. To do so please click here.



¤ Parental Help in School ¤


There are many areas of school life in which parents are very involved, for example, playing language and number games, organising the home/school library, computer work, art/craft work, sewing and baking.  We ask for help on both a regular and an occasional basis.  We are very grateful for all the help we receive from parents. 

Do you have a particular skill or talent that could be used in school? 

Please let us know if you can offer us some time.



¤ Discipline ¤


 We believe discipline is very important, not only for the smooth running of the school, but as part of the child’s education for adult life.  Parental support is necessary in fulfilling our aim of a happy, caring, well-disciplined school.  The children are encouraged to be sensible, well behaved and caring.


We believe self-discipline is the best from of discipline and provides children with opportunities for taking responsibility for themselves and learning that their actions affect others.  We always try to acknowledge and emphasise the positive achievements made by children, through praise,   encouragement and rewards.  If children present problems, then discussion, lots of privileges or additional tasks are used where necessary.  If problems are persistent, parents are consulted.


Our Behaviour & Anti-Bullying Policy is reviewed annually and all parents can view this online at the beginning of the academic year in September and throughout the school year.  You can view a copy of this document on our Policies page




¤ Personal Property ¤


Whilst every effort is made to encourage children to look after their personal property, we would like to point out that we cannot be held responsible for the loss of valuables.  Please encourage our child not to bring toys and other items of value to school.  In the past, we have experienced problems with possession being lost or broken at school, so all children are asked to leave toys and similar items at home.


We do not allow the wearing of jewellery at school except on specific religious grounds.  Plain wristwatches for children in year 2 (not the novelty kind – which are every teacher’s nightmare!) and plain stud earrings only for pierced ears may be worn but must be removed, or covered, during PE lessons.  Again, we cannot accept responsibility if these are lost or damaged.


Items such as school book bags, sandwich boxes, clothes, PE kit, scooters, bikes etc., must be clearly marked with your child’s name.  There is very little possibility of finding a lost item’s rightful owner amongst so many children unless it is clearly named!


¤ Complaints Procedure ¤


Under the terms of the Reform Act, there is a statutory procedure to deal with complains by parents who feel that in relation to a school’s curriculum, the Governing Body is failing to discharge its duties.


The arrangements are not intended to deal with complains about the action of Headteachers or individual teachers, but specifically the curriculum, including religious education and worship, exemption from National  Curriculum, and the provision information and charging policies.  Details about this procedure are available on request from the school or from the school website.  It is hoped that any matter of concern could be dealt with informally at the school through the Headteacher or governors, before proceeding to formal arrangements.


¤ Quality of Service ¤


 Marston Green Infant Academy is committed to providing a quality service for all parents, pupils and visitors to the school.  In order to help us monitor and evaluate the level of this performance, your participation would be  greatly appreciated.  You are asked to record and ‘comments, compliments or complaints’ on a card and post it in the green letterbox provided by the school office.  Any complaints will be acknowledged within 24 hours and acted upon within 5 working days.


Parents and pupils are the ‘main customers’ of our school and responsibility for their care and welfare is taken very seriously.