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English Summer 1

See above 2 activities to carry out with your child this week.

1. Book review- Encourage your child to write a short review about a book they have read.

2. Captions- choose one picture a day and encourage your child to write a short caption eg. The egg is in the cup.

Can your encourage your child to look at the picture and then have a go at sounding out and writing the word. Just do 2 or 3 each day.

w/b 20/04/20

Read the story of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" with your child. We have attached a YouTube link below if you don't have the story at home. We want the children to become familiar with this story so please read it every day and encourage your child to retell the story using the attached story map.

Please continue to read and retell the story of The Hungry Caterpillar together every day using the story map provided last week to support. Then look at the above sheet. Encourage your child to read the sentence with help where needed. Can they identify and write the missing word? Can your child have a go at writing some sentences of their own about the story. Encourage them to sound out words that they are unsure of.

w/b 04/05/20


Log in to Purple Mash using your individual logon or the one given on the home page (User name: Reception  Password: Reception – please note this is case sensitive). You may need to search for our school login page by typing in the school name or postcode.

Search for Butterfly and open up the writing project “Life Cycle of a Butterfly” (the one with a picture of the butterfly and caterpillar). First of all read the information given together (you can do this by clicking on the “more” button which has a picture of a book). When you finished click “Ok” and it will take you through to the activity.

First encourage your child to choose pictures for the 4 boxes think about the order of the life cycle. Children can choose appropriate pictures by clicking on the + icon or can draw their own by clicking on the pen icon. Children can then write short captions to match the pictures. We would recommend something similar to:


First it is an egg.

Next it is a caterpillar.

Then it is a cocoon.

Finally the butterfly comes out.


However feel free to let your child think of their own captions. As always encourage your child to listen for the sounds in the words and write what they hear as this is more important than correct spelling at this point.

w/b 11/5/20

Sometimes at school we do dictation where we say a sentence and the children have a go at writing it down. Say the following sentences one at a time to your child (repeat as many times as necessary). Can they have a go at writing the sentences? Have they remembered the capital letter at the beginning and the full stop at the end? Maybe they could draw a picture to match the sentence.

The cocoon is green and brown.

The sun is up.

The moon is bright in the sky.

The egg lay on the leaf.

 Read the story of Noah’s Ark on the attached powerpoint (or any other version if you have it) and discuss the importance of the rainbow in the story. Talk about how the rainbow was a special promise and offered hope. You may want to take this opportunity to discuss why the rainbow is such an important symbol at the moment.


Discuss with your child a special promise they would like to make.


Can you support your child to write their promise on the rainbow paper template.