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Science - Materials


First of all have a look at the BBC site on the link below to find out about different types of materials.


Can you complete our ‘Around the house’ materials scavenger hunt? 


When you have collected all of your items draw a picture of them and write underneath the material that they are made from. Remember, some things can be made from more than one material







D&T Food Technology - Make your own soup


Follow Oliver's recipe to make your own soup. You will definitely need an adult to help you with this!


When you have finished maybe you could write your own recipe for a soup that uses different ingredient or even a completely new recipe for someone else to follow.






Art - Make a picture from fruit and vegetables


Find out about the famous artist Giuseppe Arcimbolo.


Watch the video and read the information.


Can you write down 3 facts you have learnt about this artist?








Now can you make your own Giuseppe Arcimbolo art? You could;


Draw your own fruit and vegetable portrait


Paint your own fruit and vegetable portrait


Cut out and stick fruit and vegetable pictures on a face shape


Use real fruit and vegetables to create a piece of 3d art.





Computing - Healthy Eating


Search Purplemash for 'Healthy Eating' or 'Food' for lots of different activities or follow the links below.