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This week we will be looking at the book Oliver's Fruit Salad by Vivian French but remember if you want some extra activities to do you can look on the 'Talk for Writing' page too.



First of all have a look at one of the videos below (or click on the story link below) to read the story.


Amazon have the book on kindle for £1.99 at the moment.



Can you read or retell the story (the parts you can remember) to someone else?


Now you can try some of the activities below.


We would recommend you do them in the order they are here but you can always mix and match if you would like.



Your Favourite Part? 


What is your favourite part of the story? Draw a picture of your favourite part of the Oliver's Fruit Salad story. Then write about it.


Why did you like this part of the story so much? What happens in this part of the story? What happens next? Which Characters appear in this part of the story?


You could use the template below if your would like or just write your own.





Quiz Time


See if you can answer these true or false questions about the story.


If you get stuck have a look back at the story and it might help you out.


Get a grown up to check your answers for you!





Story Mix Up


Mr Moore has written out the story but it is all in the wrong order. Can you help him out by outting it back the right way.


You could write it out in the right order or print it out and stick it in order. You could even write the numbers next to each sentence in the right order.





Healthy Eating Diary


Can you keep a healthy eating diary for a whole day. Record your breakfast, lunch and dinner and any snacks you have had. Remember to write in full sentences. How healthy do you think you have been?





Fruit Description


When Oliver went to the supermarket with his Mum he tried a a fruit he had never eaten before, a pineapple. Can you find a fruit that you have never tried before and write a descrition?


Start by drawing a picture of your new fruit. Make sure you look very closely and really look at the small details?


Then you need to write a sentence about what it looks feels like, smells like and finally what it tastes like.


You could you use the template below if you wanted to.