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Year 1

Summer 2 - Seasons -  Spring to Summer


Follow the link below to find out all about the changing seasons and then go on a seasonal summer walk.



Summer 1 - Materials


Watch the video below all about materials. Then have a go at completing the worksheet.

Year 1 Science - An introduction to the Science topic 'Everyday Materials'.

This video link is a great introduction to the Year 1 Science topic 'Everyday Materials'.It looks at some of the main Everyday Materials and explains where t...

Spring 2 - Animals


This Half Term we are learning about the features of different animals and animal life cycles. Follow the links below to find out more information about 5 different types of animals and then complete the worksheet.




Spring 1

 Our Body and The Senses


Follow the BBC Bitesize links below to explore our half term topic. We have also included a wordsearch and an acrostic poem template for you to complete. 

Autumn 1 - Plants


Follow the links below to find out about woodland habitats and then have a go at he worksheets.

Habitats: Woodlands

Autumn 2 - Changing Seasons; Autumn to Winter


Follow the links to find out about the changing seasons. What happens in Autumn? Follow the links and complete the worksheet.