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Have a look at the information below to find out all about Ligthhouses.


Can you write down three new interesting facts about lighthouses that you have found out.


Then can you design your own lighthouse. You can use the template below or just design your very own.





Next read the information about lighthouses and then see if you can answer the questions. You can check the answers when you have finished.





Make a lighthouse


Can you make your own lighthouse. Find a tube (pringles tubes and kitchen roll tubes are really good for this). Then decorate it however you would like. You could add paper rocks and find blue paper or paint for the sea if you are feeling adventurous.


Have a look at the links below if you need some inspiration



Disgusting Sandwiches


The seagulls really didn't like the mustard in Mr Grinlings Sandwiches. What are the most disgusting sandwiches you can think of that would keep the seagulls away.


Use the template below or just draw them on a piece of paper if you would like. Make sure you label the filling so we know just how disgusting your sandwiches are.