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Our focus story this week is called Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall. We explore this text at this time of the year as it explores emotions, courage and how important it is to be positive with our thoughts. Most schools explore something called ‘Growth Mindset’, they definitely do at Marston Green Junior School! We explore it too through JIGSAW Lessons and through the characters in our Tree of Learning; we shared their learning characteristics with you last week.  The PSD home learning this week has lots of activities for you to discuss and complete at home over the next few weeks so you can arrive at your new school knowing how to develop a positive mindset when faced with something unknown.


We have attached lots of worksheets  linked to the story, Jabari Jumps. Obviously, we would not present the activities in this way if we were at school, but we thought they might be useful for you to have so you can explore over the next few weeks at home together. 

We hope you enjoy ‘diving’ into the book!


Here is a link to the story being read aloud with pages of the book shown.