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RockSteady at Home

Continue Your Child's Learning Online - with or without an instrument

'Rocksteady at Home’ is a new distance learning programme created especially to meet the needs of parents and children at this unusual time.

Now live and available to all subscribers through the online parent portal, you can access new regularly updated lessons and other content to keep you child’s musical journey on track for when schools open again, because we know that the wellbeing benefits of music are as important as ever.

Temporary subscription reduction
Like many companies, we’ve been working through how best to help you during this difficult period and know that money might be tighter than usual. That’s why we’ve focused all our efforts on two developments: firstly, creating Rocksteady at Home and secondly, starting from 1 April, we are temporarily reducing all current customer subscriptions by 70% off the standard price, down to £9.37 per month.  And if you have more than one child signed up, subscriptions for siblings will only be £3.13 per month each. We have also kept your child’s space in their band for when schools are open.

Still not sure?
If after the next few days, you decide that our Distance Learning Programme isn’t going to suit your child, later next month we will also be adding the option to freeze your subscription for those customers who want to stay on the timetable but not use the Rocksteady at Home option.




Here's what you can expect

Rehearse at Home Lessons
Band lessons and additional instrument specific content. Progress through four ability levels, play along to the backing track and even try out a different instrument. With so much content your child is bound to find something to keep them busy.  

No instruments required
Suitable for every child whether you have any kit at home or not, with video content to guide you through the ins and outs of practicing without an instrument so that nobody misses out. 

More lessons than ever before
Extra online lessons will be added during the school holidays. Your child can develop their musical skills even further, ready to shine at the next concert. 

Fun and games
New bonus content added daily with games, quizzes, activities and a chance to win a new prize every day. A great way to beat the boredom blues.

For parents - be the support act
Check out the dedicated parent guidance section, which will show you how to make practice fun and help your child get the best out of learning at home. You can also ask a Rocksteady teacher for personalised feedback and support.


Don’t forget, Rocksteady at Home gives your child unlimited online learning, so they can come back any time to retake lessons, try a trickier version, play along to the backing track and even learn the other instruments in the band. Try it out today.

We’re working hard right now to bring you even more bonus content and daily games, activities and challenges, so expect to see various channels take shape over the coming weeks.

Need to get in touch?
Please use the email addresses below to get in touch. Either send us thoughts about Rocksteady at Home or for any other questions about your account