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The Enormous Turnip

Our Talk for Writing story for this half-term is 'The Enormous Turnip'. 

Unfortunately at this moment in time we are still unable to share this story with your child in person so we have recorded a video of us telling the story along with actions.  This can be found on your Seesaw app and we would really appreciate if you could share this video story with your child. 

Below you can also find a copy of the story map and model text.  Please share this with your child over and over so they can become familiar with retelling the story and using the story language (Once upon a time, early one morning, so, but, next, finally, after that, lived happily ever after).  You can discuss what they liked/disliked about the story.

Some comprehension questions you may like to ask around the story;

* Where was the turnip?

*Why did the turnip not come out?

*Why did it finally come out when the mouse helped, was the mouse the strongest?


The story provides opportunity for wider-learning:

Physical Development - talking about healthy eating

Maths – language of size, ordering of size, weighing vegetables, ordinal numbers etc.

UW – comparing similarities and differences between vegetables

EAD – mixing colours through vegetable printing

PSED – garden roleplay/ mud kitchen

Literacy – Helping to write a shopping list of ingeredients.

                  Shared write recount of how to make vegetable pizza


We have posted a number of other activities based around the story that you will hopefully have fun carrying out together at home.  We shall continue to add to this over the next few weeks.


Continue to stay safe and hopefully we will get to see each other very soon!


Ms Waters and Mrs Thompson

This is a slightly different audio verision from the BBC. You might like to listen to it and compare the similarities/differences.

Grow a balloon turnip! You could discuss what is happening to the balloon, why it is getting bigger and where the gas is coming from?