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Name Writing

At Marston Green Infant Academy we aim for children to be able to recognise and write their name by the end of the Nursery year.  This can be carried out in new and exciting ways to help keep your child motivated to practice writing their name correctly. 

Please have a go at some of the suggestions below. 

Remember to use a capital letter for the initial letter only.

Glue & Wool/Glitter

Rainbow Writing - Using bubble letters, ask your child to write inside the bubble letters numerous times wtih different colours. You could mix up the letters and ask your child to put them in the correct order to spell their name. You could even hide each letter around the room for your child to try and find.

Foil Painting - lay out a big piece of tin foil and tape the edges to the table to hold it down. Paint out the letters of your child's name in large clear letters. Invite your child to pick some of their favourite colours of paint and see if they can trace over the letters you have prepared. Your child can paint lots and lots of layers over each letter, getting plenty of practice.

Natural Resources

Cotton buds dipped in paint

Squirty Sensory Bag - squeeze clear hair gel into a ziplock bag. Add food colouring and glitter. Mix all together and put the bag onto a piece of white paper and start writing with your finger.

Water and a Chalk Board

Rainbow Salt Writing - Using different coloured pieces of paper, cut to fit and cover the base of a tray. Use sticky tape to cover the joins. Cover the paper with a small amount of salt.

Shaving Cream - spread a dollop of shaving cream over a tray.

Car Park Name Recognition Activity