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2D shape castle: Choose one of the castles and encourage your child to cut out the different shapes. Can they talk about the different shapes- What is the shape name? How many sides/ corners does the shape have? What can they find at home that is the same shape?


3D shape challenges: Choose one of the challenges to carry out with your child.

We have been doing a lot of work in school on number bonds to 10. Encourage your child to use lego (or anything else that you have around the house) to find different ways of making 10. You can use the attached cards to make sure you have found all the different ways. See if you can take some photographs or draw a picture of what you have done and writing the matching number sentence underneath.

w/b 20/04/20

Choose the sheet that best fits with your child's ability. Can you work with your child to complete the number sentences. Can your child write some Hungry Caterpillar number sentences of their own?