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Subject Leader - Mrs Griffiths

At Marston Green Infant Academy we aim to ensure children become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, reason mathematically and are able to solve mathematical problems. 


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Programmes of Study
Foundation Stage: Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework
Key Stage 1: National Curriculum 2014 using a Maths Mastery approach

Intervention Groups
Children in all year groups are given additional support with aspects of Mathematics they find tricky. Children in year 1 and year 2 take part in interventions which help to consolidate their understanding of maths concepts they have found tricky; interventions take place in the same week as the concept is taught so the children can grasp quickly, consolidate understanding and move on with their learning at the same pace as their peers.

All children are given additional challenge within each maths lesson but some children attend an intervention which supports their understanding at a greater depth.

Children are selected for an intervention following discussions with subject leader where learning attitudes, assessment notes and data are discussed. Groups are reviewed on a half termly basis where the impact of the intervention is evaluated.

Curriculum Links
Mathematics is a part of everyday life and therefore it will often link to other subject areas such as Science, Art, Design and Technology and History. We explore mathematical concepts and problems in the classroom but also in the outdoor environment. We promote enjoyment of learning through practical activity, exploration and discussion. Teaching staff support children to communicate their ideas, experiences and questions, clearly and fluently, using the appropriate mathematical language.
Maths of the Day / Active Maths
Marston Green Infant Academy subscribes to Maths of the day; which uses physical activity to raise attitudes and attainment in mathematics. Weekly lessons are popular with children, they enjoy problem solving in a fun and active way and the activities allow children the opportunity to develop their application of mathematical vocabulary and demonstrate reasoning skills.

Homework activities are also available through the following link 

Maths at the Academy...

Thank you to everyone who attended the maths inspire workshops in  2018-19. We explored Number, Place Value and Measurement last year. The children enjoyed showing their parents how to use the different resources and it was lovely to see everyone solving our problem questions from nrich. We will be holding more maths workshops for parents to join their children in the classrooms in November 2019 - please join us. 


Some comments included:

"Enjoyed having lots of different activities to go to"

" I wish maths had been like this when I was at school"

"It was good to have things we could do together"

" It was good to see how confident my child was, explained how to solve the question to me!"

"Always enjoy these workshops - thank you"



Thank you to all the parents who joined us on Tuesday 22 October for the parent workshops where we explored curriculum coverage for children in Key Stage 1, looked at resources and calculation methods used. We hope it was useful, the powerpoint shown is attached below and has been adapted to demonstrate which questions are year 1 or year 2 based. It is lovely to have the opportunity to respond to your questions and if you have more - please feel free to approach the teaching staff at any time. Thank you for your continued support, it is very much appreciated.


Some comments shared...


"I'm surprised how things have changed"


"Helped me, so now I can help my child"


"Didn't realise they needed to be able to write all the numbers as words too"


"Some of the things my child has said, now make sense"


"Would have liked my child to join me"

Mrs Griffiths: "An opportunity to join your child in the classroom will be available in November. The children could have felt daunted by curriculum coverage discussions at this workshop."


"Could we have more examples of questions on the web site?"

Mrs Griffiths: " Thank you for this suggestion, I will provide further examples over the next few weeks"


Maths at the Academy

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