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Subject Leader – Mrs Griffiths


“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein
At Marston Green Infant Academy we believe that teaching and learning in art is important because it stimulates creativity, imagination and inventiveness. The purpose of art education is to give pupils the skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for them to express responses to ideas and experiences in a visual or tactile form. It fires their imagination and is a fundamental means of personal expression.
“Every artist was first an amateur” Ralph Waldo Emerson
At Marston Green Infant Academy, we believe that children should enjoy the process of expressing themselves through the production of a piece of artwork that is individual and unique. This pleasure comes from a personal confidence that results from the child knowing what they hope to achieve and understanding that what they produce can be appreciated by others. As a school we also celebrate and recognise the work children bring into school from home.
“Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else.”
– Sydney Gurewitz Clemens
Early Years Foundation Stage
Expressive Arts and Design is one of the seven areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. This area includes art, music, dance, role-play and imaginative play. Art and Design is incorporated into the holistic planning for the Foundation Stage Curriculum. The teacher will model and pass on skills and knowledge in explicitly taught sessions with objectives linked to the Early Learning Goals.
Key Stage 1
To teach art effectively it is recognised that children in Key Stage 1 require a weekly allocation of, on average, 1 hour per week. This may be taught in a block as part of a half-termly topic. Art is delivered by teachers using our scheme of work which incorporates the National Curriculum programme of study, offering balanced and progressive planning for art across Key Stage 1 and builds on skills acquired in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Through this scheme of work, children will be exposed to a range of artists, craft makers and designers and given opportunities to plan, create and evaluate their creative work. This scheme comprises of individual units of work which are delivered using a thematic approach.

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