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Subject leader – Ms E Winn
At Marston Green Infant Academy the teaching of Science captures and stimulates the pupils’ curiosity about the world around them and relates scientific phenomena to experiences in the children’s own lives.


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Foundation Stage
In the Foundation Stage we learn through play and exploration.
Children’s skills are developed to:


  • Observe similarities and differences in relation to places, objects, 
  • Materials and living things
  • Talk about the features of their own immediate environment and 
  • How environments might vary from one another
  • Make observations of animals and plants, explain why some things 
  • Occur, and talk about changes
Children learn scientific skills and knowledge through the following topics:
Owl Babies
The Gingerbread Man
Train Ride
Come on Daisy
The Three Little Pigs
The Enormous Turnip
The Farm
Traditional Tales
The World Around Us
Key Stage One
In Key Stage One we believe that the key to success for learning about Science is through a small step approach and this is why we use, White Rose Science Scheme of Work. The scheme allows science to be taught in easily digestible chunks. 
Through experiment, practice and discussion, our children gain core knowledge around:
  • Scientific vocabulary
  • 'Working scientifically' skills including systematic and careful observations and following practical scientific methods
  • The gathering and interpretation of straightforward scientific evidence
  • The use of everyday materials and scientific equipment to solve science problems
  • Articulating scientific concepts and using five types of scientific enquiry
We believe that children should be taught in a way that helps nurture and understanding of the value of scientific skills. But upmost and foremost, science should be fun, engaging and inspiring. 

KS1 Science curriculum scheme of work

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