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Subject leader – Ms E Winn
At Marston Green Infant Academy the teaching of Science captures and stimulates the pupils’ curiosity about the world around them and relates scientific phenomena to experiences in the children’s own lives.


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Foundation Stage
In the Foundation Stage we learn through play and exploration.
Children’s skills are developed to:


  • Observe similarities and differences in relation to places, objects, 
  • Materials and living things
  • Talk about the features of their own immediate environment and 
  • How environments might vary from one another
  • Make observations of animals and plants, explain why some things 
  • Occur, and talk about changes
Children learn scientific skills and knowledge through the following topics:
All about me
Houses and Homes
Nursery Rhymes
Under the Sea
Traditional Tales
The World Around Us
Key Stage One
In Key Stage One we learn through exploration, investigation and a
hands-on approach.
Children’s skills are developed to:
  • Ask and answer their own questions about different scientific issues
  • Choose suitable equipment they need to carry out a test
  • Decide the best way of recording their results
  • Analyse the data, giving reasons for their results
Children learn scientific skills and knowledge through the following topics:
Year One
Our Environment
The Animal Kingdom
Everyday Materials
Year Two

Habitats Throughout the Year


Animals and their Needs

Living Things

Plant, Seeds and Bulbs



KS1 Curriculum Overview

In science Year 2 have been learning about materials and their properties. We learnt about the history of Barbour and how they use different materials to make their products waterproof.

To build on our knowledge of waterproofing in Year 1 we designed our own Barbour jackets and then waterproofed them using wax crayons. Next we submerged them into water and watched the results.  

Over the Easter holidays in Year 1 we asked the children to complete a project about animal classification as this is what we had been learning about in Autumn 2 in Science. The children all worked extremely hard and completed some fantastic projects. Please take a look at some of the projects that are now on display in our science area at the Academy. A big well done children.  

Some of the comments and feedback from parents about the Science Workshop


"Brilliant morning doing science! Fun for all, well done"


"Really enjoyed this mornings science inspire workshop, it was fun and informative. Thank you for letting us be part of it"


"The workshop was really interesting and Kent and I enjoyed it thoroughly"


"It was an enjoyable way of teaching science concepts. It was practical and the children will remember what they learnt"


"I really enjoyed the workshop and to see the teachers helping our children"




Year 1 Science Projects - Spring Term 2

Across year 1 the children were given the optional task to complete their own projects based on their learning about the different animal classifications during this terms lessons. The uptake of children completing projects at home was amazing and the year 1 teachers, especially Mrs Allen and headteacher Ms Elliott, were all thrilled with all of the hard work that the children had produced. All of the children's work will remain at the Academy and will be showcased within the Science area for everyone to see. Please see the images of the children and their wonderful work below. 




"Thank you children and a big well done for all of your projects" - Mrs Allen

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